The genuine flavour of Liebana's Orujo


When in 1986, due to her lebaniega´s origin, Carmen Gómez discovered the dangers that her region’s orujo (a spirit drink made from grape marc) was suffering, she decided to create Orujo de Liébana, S.A and so through the business, she could elaborate the spirit distillation in fixed copper stills, according with the sanitary and tax transparency requirements in which the industry found itself.

In 1987 it was introduced the first legal orujo spirit drink inside the Liébana Valley (Cantabria), and one of the first in the whole Spain, called Orujo de los Picos.

Since then and to to these days, Orujo de Liébana S.A. has kept the tradition in the distilling processes, carefully selecting the raw materials and obtaining an excellent degree of quality, corresponded with a wide recognition for our products in the national and international markets, for the satisfaction and delight of the lovers of a quality sip of orujo.

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