Viñedo de Orulisa

Our vineyards are located in two areas of the Liébana's Valley.

  • Tama (Cillórigo de Liébana), next to our distillation plant.
  • Pumareña in Bedoya's Valley.

Poem for Orulisa


Orulisa see a larger map.

Our company has a total of 7.569 m2 distributed between the two existing vineyards in the Valley Pumareña Bedoya and Tama (Cillorigo Liébana), along with our plant distiller.

The Vineyards

MencíaThe type of grape that is harvested in our vineyards belongs to the varieties of Mencia and Jerez, with which we make our Special Orujo de los Picos.

TempranilloGeographical and climatic conditions in the Liébana region, where arable land is limited, forces us to include grapes from the north of León and Valladolid areas, with a grape variety similar to the one we grow in Liébana. The type of grape in those areas is 75%  Prietopicudo, Tempranillo and Mencia,  as well as sometimes incorporating the types Godello, Malvasia, Verdejo, Jerez and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Harvest in...

Birth and growth of the plant and leaves.

The ripening of the grapes.

Harvest time, the falling of the leaves. Processing orujo.

The plant rests.